About WinNet Connections

WinNet Connections has demonstrated an exceptional growth in the service area of printing and mailing, as a result, WinNet has become one of the companies with increase growth in the past year. As a philosophy of work WinNet establishes that each client and service supplier becomes Business Partner. With this philosophy, we pretend to expand our range of services to create a network that benefits all our Partners.

A Little History

WinNet Connections is a company established under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, with our processing center and main offices located in Venus Plaza, 19 Acuario Street suite 1, San Juan PR 00926-4902. WinNet Connections personnel has more than 20 years experience, offering it’s clients excellent technical bases and the knowledge to understand the critical factors that the operations of their clients.

What we do

For clients with specific needs or business requirements, WinNet Connections offers expert services in the areas of data processing, application programming, print servers, mailing and electronic document repository. With our knowledge and service we manage to provide solutions high on quality and cost effective.

Business Partners

  • APPX, California, USA  
  • Fortiva, Toronto, Canadá 
  • Pitney Bowes Puerto Rico, San Juan 
  • TrueNorth, San Juan, PR
  • Insight Communications